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Boys Vs. Girls: Who Are The Better Drivers?

Centuries have passed and the battle of the sexes still rages on; will it never end? It is a battle that has ranged from which is the smarter sex to which is the stronger - pitting physical against emotional and psychological strengths. When the school exam results come out each year there is a rush to see if boys have managed to close the gap on the girls when it comes to the highest grades.  

Every challenge seems to have different results and of course the better sex seems to depend largely on who is asking the question and how you interpret the answers to those questions.
This is the same for boys vs girls in the driving department. The challenge is: who are better drivers - boys or girls? 

Boys vs Girls - Who are better drivers?


As always, the answer will depend on who is reading the results and how those results are interpreted, but we have used research from some of the most respected and impartial bodies in the world of motoring to be as impartial as possible. 
Boys v Girls Driving - The Tests
Three different gender charged driving tests were used: the driving test we all need to pass before we can drive on our own, a series of parking tests and an analysis of the number of accidents in the UK, covering what we believe are the core disciplines and important issues in driving.
The driving test
The first was the driving test. Surely the best drivers would pass most often? Driving Standards Agency figures show there were 1,605,599 people taking the test and 744,058 passes were achieved. 
An overall pass rate of just over 46% 
But who was better?
The boys achieved a pass rate of almost 50%. The girls came in at a little over 43%.
This means the boys were more successful than the girls and winning that challenge. 

Parking tests

The race, however, does not always go to the swift, but with men claiming that women cannot park since the model T was new the boys must be favourite. 
Not to be undone, the ladies resoundingly won the parking test - doubling the score of the boys in all categories except that of speed of manoeuvre, in which they (the ladies) were slower by 5 seconds.
With that shock result it is one all and we are clearly into tie-break territory.

UK accident data test

The final test can aptly be described as the tie-breaker that will finally put an end to the age old gender warfare. The ladies were found to be the overall safer drivers with far less crashes than the boys. 

The results

This sees the ladies winning the challenge of the better drivers overall. So is that it then? The facts cannot lie and we have a result that no one could possibly argue with - or do we?

The excuses

When you consider that girls drive far fewer miles than the boys there is a lower probability for crashing. With that, here we go again, comes room for speculation. Are girls really better drivers than boys? The battle rages on.

Author: This article was written by Sean Dominey who writes for Creditplus, the UKs leading car finance company.