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Break Down Advice

Nobody likes breaking down but it happens to all of us at some point. Here are a few simple rules to follow that will make the process a little less unpleasant.

1. In the summer ensure that you always carry at least one bottle of water in the car. If you're stuck in the middle of nowhere on a blazing hot summer day you'll be happy you had it.

2. In the winter ensure you put a thick warm blanket/jumper in the boot. Your heaters won't work if you can't start the car.

3. If you break down on the motorway, do not sit in the car on the hard shoulder. You are seven times more likely to be killed sitting in your car on the hard shoulder as you are walking on it. If you must sit in the car, sit in the passenger side and lock the doors.

4. When was the last time you checked your spare wheel and tools? Go out and make sure that you have all the necessary tools to change a tyre; you may find that you need something to get caps off the wheel nuts.

5. Join a recovery organisation (AA or RAC); they're quite affordable and you'll wish you had if you have to pay for an independent tow truck.

6. Make sure that you have a good torch placed in the car; it's no fun trying to change a wheel in the dark. Also ensure that you check the batteries at least once a month - all it takes is to flick the torch on.

7. Regularly check your fluid levels (oil, coolant etc); there's no point breaking down if you can avoid it.

8. Always carry a mobile phone with you. They're incredibly cheap these days and will save you that long walk to find a phone. Make sure you keep it charged and have credit on it if it's a pay as you go.

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*Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

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