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Dangerous Driving Conditions - Fog

Fog is a major cause of accidents on the UK's roads every year; this is mainly due to the fact that the fog on the roads causes reduced visibility. Combine this reduced visibility with the fact that some motorists find it hard to change their driving style to suit the environmental conditions and you can see why accidents occur.

This article is the third in a series of articles looking at dangerous driving conditions on the UK's roads. Much like the previous articles we will look at the dangers associated with driving in fog and ways to avoid these dangers making sure you can keep that no claims bonus (NCB) intact and benefit from cheap car insurance.

As you would probably assume the fact that fog can make the road such a dangerous place is the reduction in visibility that a cover of fog can cause. This can create a dangerous situation with:

Other motorists - Due to the reduced visibility you are more likely to be involved in an accident with another motorist. To avoid an accident leading to a car insurance claim, possible loss of you NCB and higher car insurance premiums the first remedy is to slow down. By reducing your general speed on the road it will give you more time to react to situations that may arise on the road involving other motorists. This can be linked to driving on all types of road in the UK but is extremely important for motorway driving. Due to the high speeds associated with motorway driving it is of the up most importance to reduce your speed to react to events unfolding in front of you. By travelling at a reduced speed you can give yourself an extra few seconds reaction time that could be the difference between a near miss and a costly accident.

The second way to avoid unwanted contact with other motorists is to make use of the fog lights on your car. By using your fog lights you can increase your own visibility, which in itself can help you avoid accident. Also by using your fog lights you can make other motorists aware of your presence, again greatly enhancing your chances of keeping your NCB intact. You should note that you must turn off your fog lights when not needed as it is illegal to drive with high intensity fog lights in clears weather as it can dazzle other drivers.

Vulnerable road users - Another thing to watch out for are vulnerable road users that are difficult enough to see on the road at the best of times. Be aware of motorcyclists passing between the slow moving traffic as most models don't have fog lights to bring then to your attention. Pedestrians are also one to watch out for as they can be hard to spot crossing the road in heavy fog. Be extra vigilant when approaching zebra crossings and adjust your speed accordingly. Finally other road users such as horses can also be harder to spot in the fog. Sheer off some of that speed when travelling the country roads these users prefer to frequent during times of heavy fog.

Basically by being more aware of the road on which you are travelling and watching out for other road users such as motorists with no lights on you can benefit from cheap car insurance by avoiding accident and keeping your NCB in one piece.