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Microsoft TBox

Microsoft has dominated the IT world for years and with Bill Gates at the helm nobody can see their domination coming to an end in the near future. Whatever you think about Mr Gates you have to respect the mans enthusiasm and it is this enthusiasm that has propelled him to become one of the richest men in the world. You can't say that the man hasn't got an eye for business and it seems that eye has become firmly fixed on the motoring industry.

With technological advances in recent years that have seen products such as the Apple i-pod and PDA start to break through into the motoring community it wasn't going to be long before Microsoft jumped on the band wagon. With the in-car entertainment scene on the rise with the production of these devices Microsoft have developed a device that could literally revolutionise the auto trade, say hello to the Microsoft T-Box.

What has been described as a radical in-car communication and entertainment system the T- Box has been designed to be a cheap alternative to similar systems on the market. Some manufacturers have already signed up for the system and which could see the device fitted as standard to new cars but at a cost of about £300 it is well within reach of most motorists.

The T-Box has been designed for use with many common everyday devices that play a huge part in a motorist's life. The device will allow users to make hands free calls via Bluetooth on their mobile and will allow voice activated control of your i-pod or similar mp3 player. Not only this but the device also helps with diagnostics of problems with the car in the event of breakdown and can be used in conjunction with PDA systems or mobile phones for easy navigation directions. One of the biggest perks is the fact that with the use of this device once you leave the car you take all your technical equipment with you such as PDA and i-pods therefore reducing the chance of a thief breaking into your car. Some motoring manufacturers believe that the introduction of the T-Box could eliminate the need for a car stereo all together.

This device will allow a driver to operate all in-car devices hands free and in my view this can only be good for motoring. This device could reduce the amount of accidents and costly car insurance claims associated with use of in car devices that distract the driver. This device may seem like a gadget of the future but it is already here and could be seen in many new cars as early as the end of the year, let the revolution begin.