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Selling Your Car - Split Second Decision

Everyone knows that when you're selling your car it is in your best interest to make sure that it is in the best condition possible. By cleaning the car thoroughly both inside and out you can greatly enhance the look of your vehicle and make it appeal to the buyer. This isn't revolutionary news but a new study has reiterated the fact that first impressions count for a lot.

A new study into car buying has dug up some surprising statistics that will shock the majority of car buyers. This new information suggests that a perspective car buyer will take on average approximately 30 seconds to make a decision on the purchase of a new car. This is less time than it takes the average family to choose a film from the local video shop on a Friday night.

The main reason for the quick decision can be accounted to the fact that the consumer knows what they want and by presenting your car in the right way you could have sold your car in the first 30 seconds of a viewing. The fact is that we have all seen a car that instantly we have taken a liking too. This is the same when buying, if we like the look of a car at first sight then sub-consciously you can make a decision to buy the machine before you have even looked around the car. It is very easy to let a cars looks over shadow your perspective on the rest of a car when you have 'fallen in love at first sight'.

Another frightening fact is that a small percentage of drivers will actually purchase a car without even test driving the vehicle. Test driving is a touchy subject and most people are put off driving a car that does not belong to them for car insurance purposes. The fact is that you need to be careful when test driving a car as your car insurance may not cover you in case of an accident. However test drives can show up faults with the car before you pass over your hard earned cash and is an intrinsic part of the car buying process.

If in doubt contact your car insurance company and find out exactly what they cover you for when test driving a car. New car dealers often have their own car insurance policies that will cover you while test driving so be sure to ask.

In closing, we all new that presenting your car in a good way to a perspective buyer could make your vehicle more attractive. This new study proves that in today's market this is as important as ever so just remember to scrub those alloys twice as hard to earn that split second sale.