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Uninsured Drivers - How To Protect Yourself

With the high costs associated with running a car such as road tax and car insurance the problem of uninsured drivers is rising at an alarming rate on the UK roads. The fact is that we all know what a struggle it is to make ends meet with the rising costs of products and services in today's economy but if you can't afford car insurance then you shouldn't own a car.

Car insurance is a very important part of motoring and it covers you for all aspects of car accidents and theft depending on the policy that you take out.

Being involved in a motor accident is never a pleasant experience but we all take car insurance for granted when involved in an accident. When an accident happens it happens and there is no need to spend time crying over it. The best thing to do is exchange insurance details and pass them onto your insurance company to deal with, that's what you pay your car insurance premiums for. The problem is that as a driver with up to date car insurance having an accident involving an uninsured driver could leave you out of pocket.

Unfortunately by these individuals not being covered with an insurance policy it leaves you in a tricky situation. It means that any claims you need to make will have to be done from the individual themselves and most probably through legal processes which can be costly and lengthy. So what can we do to help cover ourselves against an accident with an uninsured driver on the UK roads?

The answer lies in the type of car insurance policy that you opt for when talking to your insurance company. Basically the best thing to do is shop around to try and get the most for your money. Little perks that some companies offer with their polices may not seem beneficial at the time but you will rue never paying attention to the little details if you are unfortunate to have an accident with an uninsured driver.

In order to help protect yourself you should look at policies which include:

Legal cover - By taking a car insurance policy that covers the insured for a certain amount of legal expenses you can reduce the significant legal costs associated with legal processes for claiming against an uninsured individual.

Personal injury - One major factor when involved in an accident is loss of earnings through not being able to work or medical expenses. This can be catastrophic as failure to work could lead to you falling behind with the bills leaving you in financial ruins. By taking out car insurance that covers you for personal injury you can protect yourself against this situation.

In closing, these uninsured drivers are endangering everyone's lives but unfortunately these mindless few are a fact of life. Until the government and the law take a much sterner stance with respect to uninsured drivers it is in your best interests to talk to your car insurance company and make sure you have protected yourself.