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Women Focused Concept Car

Volvo has unveiled a concept car designed for women by women but reaction to the vehicle has been mixed. Anyone would think that women drivers would be pleased that Volvo has designed a car with women in mind. However some female drivers would argue that it has negatively stereotyped women drivers.

Some of the design features are a little stereotypical to say the least but Volvo would argue that it is not meant to offend women drivers. In fact this is what concept cars are for, to gauge the public's reaction to an idea to help the manufacturer decide if it is a viable project. Some of the design features are:

Bumpers - this car has been fitted with all round bumpers, maybe a good idea but some women will argue that this helps to stereotype female drivers as poor drivers.

Parking sensors - parking sensors are all the rage in today's car market and they cost a lot to add to a car. In years past this may have annoyed some women but in today's society this is a very desirable trait for all cars whether the driver is male or female.

Low maintenance - these cars are meant to be low maintenance and only require servicing between long intervals. The car has an intelligent on board computer that will automatically inform the garage of the need for a service so that the dealers, not the car owner will have to do the running around to book an appointment.

In car features - This car has been kitted out with a few in car features that may be useful to some women but again will anger others at the stereotype that it portrays. The in car features include adjustable foot rests to cater for many different heel sizes. Interchangeable matching seat covers and carpets and headrest with a recess to accommodate pony tails.

Bonnet - The biggest change however and the one that will anger some women the most is the fact that the car doesn't have a bonnet. Yes you heard that right this car has no working bonnet for the driver to access the engine. The washer fluid reservoir has been repositioned so that it fills from the side of the car similar to that of the petrol cap. This is therefore suggesting that women don't do any work on their engines without the aid of a professional mechanic which is ridiculous. This would make filling up the oil levels or the coolant reservoir near impossible without booking the car into the garage.

The fact that Volvo has bothered to undertake this project at all is a positive sign as it is actually looking at what women would want in their cars. However, maybe a little more forethought would have been appropriate because this car seems to enhance a stereotype that women have been trying to escape from for years.