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Young Womens Insurance Could Be Discrimination

Over the past 30 years, womens rights have taken a major leap forward with major steps being taken to prevent sex discrimination from affecting women in many areas of their lives.

However, it would appear that these laws can be reversed and used to help men gain an equal standing where they feel they are being discriminated. One such area is womens car insurance, particularly for younger drivers.

On average, male drivers aged 17-24 pay up to £500 more than their female counterparts and the EU commission is considering whether this can be considered sexual discrimination in the eyes of the EU Gender Directive.

Of course there are very good reasons that young womens car insurance costs less, repairs usually cost substantially less and subsequently, men have to pay a surplus on their premium.

However, you have to ask yourself why careful male drivers should be thrown in with the wreckless ones. What about the 24 year old male who has never had a speeding ticket, never had an accident and has 7 years no claims bonus? Should he be penalised just because he is a male? He's obviously shown himself to be a careful driver which is why this action has been taken to the EU.

Many industry experts are disputing the argument on the grounds that statistically a male driver is more likely to have an accident, that is a fact that cannot be questioned.

In the next article in this series, we'll discuss the outcome and possible alternatives available to the insurance industry.

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