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Should You Take your Car to Uni?

With A-level results out today there will be lots of people preparing to go to university. Of course the question is can you afford to take you car to university or should you leave it at home or perhaps even sell it? Can you find some cheap student car insurance to cover you while you're at university?

There's no easy answer to this, it could depend on a number of factors, for example how far away are you going? If you live in Bournemouth and are going to Scotland then it might well be more practical to book plane tickets well ahead (you can get from Heathrow to Edinburgh for around £60) and fly up but nothing beats the sheer convenience of a car.

If you do decide to take you car to university, you must ensure that you tell your car insurance company where the car will be kept or it might not be covered.

Plus points

- It's convenient.
- You won't have to pay for expensive plane/train tickets when you want to go home for the weekend.

Minus Points

- It's a constant drain on your resources
- Have you got somewhere to park it? Is it safe?
- You will be ferrying people around.

At the end of the day having a car at uni is great for going shopping and going out with your friends but it can be a big drain on your money, and believe us the last thing you need is a £500 bill for your car when your student loan money has run out. Keep in mind that you have to pay for car insurance, road tax, petrol, yearly repair costs, parking(maybe) and it all adds up.