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Things that might affect your car insurance premium

Car next to stack of coinsWe've put together a list of some of the things that might affect your car insurance premium. Some of these are optional, for example the level of cover you choose; others, like the type of car you are insuring and where you live you can't do anything about. Always be honest when you're getting a quote for insurance. You might be convicted of insurance fraud if you lie to get a cheaper premium.

Level of Cover 

You can choose to buy either Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only cover. Comprehensive is generally the most expensive, but not always, so do check other levels of cover for a comparision. Note: It is never advisable to buy Third Party Only insurance for a brand new car.


Statistics show that young drivers have more accidents than older drivers. Unfortunately this can be reflected in the high premiums that young drivers are asked to pay for car insurance.

Group Rating 

All cars are categorised into one of 20 insurance groups. Cars that present the lowest risk to insurers are in Group 1 and are usually much cheaper to insure. The highest risk cars are in Group 20 and cost much more to insure. So unless you're super-rich think twice about that sports car! You can check the group rating of any car at Parkers website.


If you make any modifications to your car it will often raise the price of your motor insurance premium because. 

  • Some mods make your car more attractive to thieves
  • Some mods make the car more powerful, increasing the risk of it being in a road accident
  • if mods increase your car's value, the cost to replace or repair it if it's stolen, written off in a fire or damaged in a road accident will be much higher

When the car is kept 

If your car is in a driveway or garage, your premium will probably be cheaper than if you parked the car on the street.

Your No Claims Bonus 

A full No Claims Bonus (NCB) can be worth up to 60% off your motor insurance premium, so don't claim if it's not necessary.

Accident history

Even if you haven't made a claim, you must tell your insurer if you've been involved in any accidents. If you weren't at fault, it might not affect your premium, but you'll present a higher risk to an insurer if you've had one or more at-fault accidents. This might affect your premium.

Driving History

Have you got points on your licence or convictions for motoring or other offences? This might affect your premium. You have to disclose this information though, unless the convictions are spent. Girl Motor can help drivers with convictions. Just call us for a quote. 


The area you live in can influence your premium. This is usually calculated by postcode. If you live in rural area you will tend to pay less than people that live in urban areas. Statistically there are fewer people to crash into and not so many thieves.

Your job 

People that spend a lot of time on the road will pay a higher insurance premium, as they are more likely to have accident. Builders and delivery drivers will fall into this category. If oyu're in a job where you spend a lot of time at a des, you might pay a little less on your insurance premium.


Reduce the risk of your car being targeted by a thief. Immobilisers, alarms, steering locks, tracking devices etc. may reduce the premium you pay.

Other drivers 

If you want to include other drivers on your policy, you may pay more, especially if they are young, inexperienced or have a poor driving history. Generally speaking, the fewer people named on your policy, the cheaper your insurance will be. 

As you can see, some of these factors are beyond your control, but we hope this helps you make the choices that are within your power to reduce your insurance premium.

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