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Lady Drivers Insurance

Historically, statistics show that lady drivers are generally considered much less of a risk than male drivers. Because of this, until 2012 it was possible for companies to offer cheaper car insurance for lady drivers. However, an EU Ruling in 2012 means that car insurance companies may no longer offer women preferential rates. Rates still vary enormously between insurance companies, though, so it's as important as ever for lady drivers to get help finding a great insurance policy. 

Industry leading insurance schemes

Girl Motor specialise in women's car insurance, whether they have a full licence and have been driving for many years or are just learning. 

We also operate industry-leading schemes for ladies over 25 years old who have not built up any No Claims Bonus (NCB). These schemes are often used by ladies who have been on company car schemes and have not had the chance to build up a NCB. 

Another very popular scheme is aimed at households moving from one to two cars. More often than not the NCB is in the male partner's name and the woman has none. Girl Motor can offer an introductory NCB if we can see that the woman in question has been a named driver on the policy.

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